lunedì 19 dicembre 2011

FEMINIST IMPROVISING GROUP - Live in Hamburg (NDR Funkhaus Studio 10) - 3 Oct. 1980 (1978 ?)

Georgie Born - bass, cello
Lindsay Cooper - bassoon, soprano sax, oboe
Corinne Liensol - trumpet
Maggie Nicols - voice, piano
Sally Potter - voice, tenor saxophone
Annemarie Roelofs - trombone, violin
Irene Schweizer - piano, percussion

1 Radio Introduction
2 The Seventh Kiss (or The Seventh Kisser Sisters)
3 Any Trouble
4 New Sonata (or Trio Sonata)
5 Here We Are Again (incomplete...)

46:19 Min.

NDR Funkhaus Studio 10
3 Oct. 1980 (or 1978)

ROIO from
Thanks to nadir 53


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Anonimo ha detto...

wonderful - a line-up of tremendous musicians, and a huge step forward for female improvisors! more of this calibre, please...

thanks a lot for this rare recording, ciccilo - also to nadir 53 for sharing it in the first place :)

gidouille ha detto...

I've been waiting over 30 years to hear this group. There was allegedly a cassette released during their run. Anyway, this is superb, thanks.

CICCILLO ha detto...

I have "that" cassette and soon, I hope, will be posted here.
Be patient, please, if you waited 30 years you might wait just a little longer...


and there is also another recording from "nadir 53"...
Trust and soon you will enjoy it!

8mmbolex ha detto...

fantastic find!

prospettive musicali ha detto...

Maggie Nicols recently wrote very interesting things about the Feminist Improvising Group in her deeply touching tribute to Lindsay Cooper:

Ernst Grgo Nebhuth ha detto...

Thanks for this rare concert. It was recorded in 1980 as NDR Jazz Workshop no.154.
See also the definitive list of NDR Jazz Workshops by Michael Frohne:

Michael Frohne ha detto...

Buona sera
Hai il titolo ultimo nominato Election fever" (ca. 26:50). E una possibilità per upload?
Michele Frohne
vedi il blog jazzrealities

CICCILLO ha detto...

no, mi dispiace, questo è tutto quello che ho trovato da nadir 53 su